Neil Armstrong

 Ink on Paper 18 in x 24 in


Text by Armstrong:

"It would be presumptuous for me to pick out a single thing that history will identify as a result of this mission. But I would say that it will enlighten the human race and help us all to comprehend that we are an important part of a much bigger universe than we can normally see from the front porch. I would hope that it will help individuals, the world over, to think in a proper perspective about various endeavors of mankind as a whole. Perhaps going to the moon and back in itself isn’t all that important. But it is a big step to give people a new dimension in their thinking - a sort of enlightenment. After all, the earth itself is a spacecraft. It’s an odd kind of spacecraft, since it carries its crew on the outside instead of inside. But it’s pretty small. And it’s cruising in an orbit around the sun. It’s cruising in an orbit around the center of a galaxy that’s cruising in some unknown orbit, in some unknown direction and at some un-specified velocity, but with a tremendous rate of change, position and environment. It’s hard for us to get far enough away from this scene to see what’s happening. If you’re in the middle of a crowd, the crowd appears to extend in every direction as far as you can see. You have to step back and look down from the Washington Monument or something like that to see that you’re pretty close to the edge of the crowd, and that the whole picture is quite a bit different from the way it looks when you are in the middle of all those people. From our position on the earth it is difficult to obverse where the earth is and where it’s going, or what it’s future course might be. Hopefully, by getting a little farther away, both in the real sense and the figurative sense, we’ll be able to make some people step back and reconsider their mission in the universe, to think of themselves as a group of people who constitute the crew of a spaceship going through the universe. If you’re going to run a spaceship you’ve got to be pretty cautious about how you use your resources, how you use your crew, and how you treat your spacecraft."