Grace Jones
(Text: “Pull up to the bumper, baby”)


22c Gold leaf and Acrylic on Canvas.

30” x 24”




Driving down those city streets Waiting to get down
Wont you get your big machine Somewhere in this town?

Now in the parking lot garage I found a proper place
Just follow all the written rules Youll fit into the space

Pull up to my bumper, baby In your long black limousine Pull up to my bumper, baby And drive it in between

Pull up to it, dont drive through it Back it up twice, now that fits nice

Operate around the clock
Slow it if you come in?
Ive got lots of space for everyone One for you my friend?

My lines are short, Ill fix you up
So wont you please come on Shiny sleek machine, you wheeled Ive got to blow your horn

Pull up to my bumper, baby